All of the ten World Cup stadiums in South Africa used LED lighting technology

All of the ten World Cup stadiums in South Africa used OSRAM energy-saving lighting technology including the high power LED flood light .High power LED flood light and other LED light manufactured by the BEKA LED beam were installed in Durban and Cape Town Stadium , showing how the LED light especially the high power LED flood light making the stadium extraordinarily unusual. In Cape Town ‘s football temple , the high power LED flood light with high -quality white light depicting undulating waves is clever and lively . In such applications , Power Top LED and Golden Dragon Plus series diode of their numerous advantages played ultimately. For the purposes of BEKA , durability , efficiency and color fidelity of each LED is used in selected based primarily on their light-emitting diode technology from Regensburg, Germany .

LED lights in South Africa world cup

World Cup gave a great opportunity to South Africa , which proved to the world that he is a colorful country which worth visiting . South Africa removed all of the old Green Point Stadium in Cape Town and re- created this greater capacity and more modern, multi-purpose stadium to attract tourists from all over the world and give the fans an unforgettable the World Cup trip. New stadium using the most advanced LED lighting technology particualy the high power LED flood light was to highlight the unique shape of the building . LED beam lamps installed in the Green Point Stadium were produced by the African leading lighting manufacturer BEKA, which uses OSRAM Opto Semiconductors LED technology . Mr. Daniel of Kasper BEKA company said: ” Due to the small dimensions of high power LED flood light and unique distribution, so that we can design a slim lighting device , that’s why we think it is the only appropriate lighting which means the high power LED flood light can focus the light irradiation in particular area, no scattering loss . ” this LED beam lamps composed by the two homogeneous band of light sketched, wavy outline of the green Point Stadium in night sky of Cape Town, becoming a beautiful landscape .Browsing,you maybe surprised to find the more vivid and detailed description about the characters and uses of high power LED flood light.

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